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For your consideration is the group of feathers you see in the picture.  These are super fine/very thin/microBarb Rooster feather hair extensions/fly Tying Hackle Feathers for crafts, hair accessories, pet extensions, etc please take note of all pictures so you know how wide these feathers are : some people prefer this but don’t buy it if you don’t like thin feathers. The photos are using a 12 inch ruler for measurement / the backside is in millimeters so you can see how wide they are. The prices for feathers only (no beads or tools come with this item). You’ll get one of the 2 items  you see pictured. It is ready for shipping.


There are 70 in the picture. These are all rainbow.

When we work with the super thin hair feathers they look really good bonded into sets with wider feathers to achieve a mixed look. layer them into bonded feather hair extensions. They cost a lot less than the standard width ones if you can make them work for your needs.

70 Rooster Feather Extensions Fly Tying Hackle Bulk Superthin Craft Feathers

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