Hi! This is for 20 Extra long real rooster feathers in grizzly, variant, & solid patterns that I have custom dyed in neon "ish" bright vibrant colors. You get a nice assortment of these feathers. I cannot limit colors bc some colors I make using other colors - so i fyou hate orange - you will get it in red-orange-yellow-green-blue (for example). I'm sorry these do not glow in the dark (they may react with uvblack lights but they don't glow - glow pigment isnt a thing for feather dyes)


These are 14-16" inches in length (or longer - many times a few are) and I connect them in 2 bundles to a keychain ring - This keeps the feathers going the same direction and are easy to manage. When you want to use a feather just wiggle it out or clip it out near the top. Wala. So yes they are loose feathers.


These are rooster feathers that behave like human hair. With proper care they can last a long time too! You can also curl & wash these.


Please allow 3 business days during peak seasons (summer etc) to make / dye your feathers.


I will send 20 silicone beads and blue looping threader with this order.

You will need pliers to put them in. Any type will work and I do carry these as well:


Neon Rainbow Feather Extensions Super Long Pack of 20 14-16" Real Feathers