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up for grabs this fantastic quarantine craft item: a handmade resin ashtray using nebula galaxy blue purple colors - glitters and glows etc. You get this item. Treat yourself or your loved hippy to a brand-new to you small dish to stash a bowl of weed in etc. lol. whatever ... please buy it.

Galaxy Art Ashtray Resin Blue Purple Glitter Weed Tray PotHead Gift

  • I do not accept returns because of this virus and my own laziness and possibly yours as well not returning it within 3 days so please don't buy this if you don't want it.

    To wash it - don't submerge it in water. Resin is plastic. If you don't do it to plastic, you should not with resin art pieces either. I.e. you can use it to snuff out a smoke but I would be careful on this. You don't want to melt the plastic if your stogey keeps burning.

    Just be reasonable. It's an ashtray. You can buy one at wallyworld for the same cost sure, but its NOT HANDMADE

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