50 Cream White Rooster Feathers 8-12" These will come in 4 groups of 12/13 in a bundle connected to silicone rings on a Keychain. They also can be dyed easily this way.

You get 50



Wholesale Creme White Rooster Feathers Hair Extensions Pack of 50 Hair Feathers

  • 50 Long white feathers sold in bulk - wholesale price on real rooster saddle hackle feathers for hair, fly tying, fishing, hair accessories, wedding hair accessories & more. You get 50 real feathers. These are 8-11 inches (a few longer) These come "dye ready" meaning they are connected to hooks (for display) or ready for you to drop in a dye bath. These are hook size 12-16 hackle sizes for the fly tiers and of nice quality. They are whiting gold grade feathers.

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