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oh so pretty is this 6 x 6 hand crafted resin art galaxy ashtray large size weighs in at a pound, it is blue, milky green, purple and gold streaks througout. It has nice opalescents to it. Would be a nice gift for someone that loves smoking. The bottom has a layer of sticky-felt so please don't submerge it in water. If you wish to clean it use a wet paper towel and wipe it out.

I get it. No one wants to buy my quarantine crafts. But YOU should make a difference in THIS here girls life by doing so. 


*disclaimer about pricing*

I do agree it's pricey for an ashtray but after configuring what my resin is costing (i have screwed up) it's over $20 in just supply cost (the resin). Please keep this in mind when considering the price* :) I have to make something on it and it's super heavy.

Milkyway Galaxy Nebula Ashtray Epoxy Resin Crafted Large Tobacconist Gift

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