30 Plus mixed rooster saddle feather hair extension natural tribal hair accessories - Variety pack - ALL natural colors and patterns 8-12" - You must write in a color for which hair beads you like on the menu. The other available length is 14-18" and 11-14" I am running extremely low on the xxl.
the xxl will not have as many options as the long and extra long kits (no barred dark ginger etc mainly the browns dyed browns grizzly natural creme badger white variants greys)

Options for hair extension beads are:


Golden Blonde

Dark Blonde

Blonde Mix

Light Brown


Dark Brown
Brown Mix


Mix of All

Long Natural Hair Feather Extensions DIY Kit Rooster Feathers for Hair xxl 30pc

Select a Length for the Feathers
  • 30 plus single rooster saddle hackle feathers for unique long feathered hair. These make beautiful hair feather extensions. You get 30 8-12 inches or longer mixed grizzly, solids and speckled in natural colors (no fluff) these I handmade connected to a keychain ring so feathers can be displayed at events or salons. You tug one out - and apply! You also get 10 silicone beads and 1 looping tool.

    If you need longer than average feathers please use the menu to select them. I also have them in XXL (just limited quantities, if you do not see them listed just ask and I will make you a pack up).

    Feather extensions can be curled, washed & styled. I like to select the finest rooster feathers available in gorgeous lengths and interesting patterns.


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