White Latex Fast Drying Super Bond Glue for bonding hair or feather extension tips. This is not it's typical application - (it's for use with weaves) but I have found it to be the fastest and cheapest option for bonding feather extensions together. - This product cannot be shipped internationally or to Canada - if ordered and you live in Ca or outside of USA that item will be refunded off the invoice :( I'm sorry - it can't go on international planes.

Professional Formula White Hair Glue Proclaim Weave Glue Bonding Glue

  • .75 FL Oz / 23ml Super Bond - Proclaim Professional Care - Salon Super Bond White Hair Glue - Colle a Cheveux Pegamento de Cabello ONE bottle. THIS ITEM CANNOT BE SHIPPED INTERNATIONALLY as a stand alone product. I am sorry about this but it IS NOT to travel without being labeled according to the content and I cannot guarantee arrival - it's considered a liquid (stupid I agree) :(