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oh dear.........if I don't part with some of these gorgeous handcrafted resin art pieces soon I will never have enough $ to buy an appropriate respirator to keep doing this craft. I DO love making things with epoxy resin but I fear it's taking its toll on my poor health. Ugh!
This is for this large size resin art ashtray. It is handmade by moi. It measures 6x6 squared. 
The colors are a rich vermilion red, pink green orange and tons of cool inserts. I made some tribal art inserts out of a coplay kit I was working on and stuck them in here too. 

You get this ashtray. Bottom has a sticky felt with a tibetan handmade paper craft with the OM sign.

One of a kind, nothing else like it! Be reasonable with this. Don't leave burning crap in the ashtray so your artwork stays nice and fresh. Best practice is if it becomes dirty - wet a paper towel and wipe it out. 

*disclaimer about pricing*

I do agree it's pricey for an ashtray but after configuring what my resin is costing (i have screwed up) it's over $20 in just supply cost (the resin). Please keep this in mind when considering the price* :) I have to make something on it and it's super heavy.

Vermilion Pink Green Tribal Art Resin Ashtray Tobacconist Gifts Large Size

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