100 real rooster feather hair extensions - these are extra EXTRA long natural hair feather extensions sold in Bulk - They will measure 13-17” long and you are actually going to get these exact feather extensions you see pictured. Although some natural feathers are altered / I still consider them to be 'natural colors' therefor natural feathers.I handmake my feather swatch keychains so clients can present them to customers in a more professional manner. They attach to hooks with beads - to use them: just pull or tug a feather out (THEN apply) :)These feathers can be curled, washed & styled.You get 100 of these xl hair feathers - the price is for loose/single feathers only (no beads or tools with this item)Two identical lots made up of the same 

XXL Natural Hair Feather Extensions Bulk 100 Pack Super Long Rooster Feathers

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