someone will be pleased receiving this extra long hair feather extensions bundle. I believe I have the longest hair feathers on the internet. I collected so many over 8 years now I am just now able to offer a few salon bulk packs of these rare gorgeous rooster feathers. They will measure 13-15" long and you are actually going to get these exact feather extensions you see pictured. Although some natural feathers are altered / I still consider them to be 'natural colors' therefor natural feathers.

I handmake my feather swatch keychains so clients can present them to customers in a more professional manner. They attach to hooks with beads - to use them: just pull or tug a feather out (THEN apply) :)
These feathers can be curled, washed & styled.

You get 100 of these xl hair feathers

You get 50 mixed silicone lined micro beads and blue threader too!

I don't have another kit like this at this time so don't sleep on this one!

XL hair feather extensions bulk natural rooster feathers for hair 100pcs 13-15"


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