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The Feather Report is located in Jacksonville, FL USA It is owned and operated by Kelly Neddo, that's me and this is my craft. I'm living my artist dream and work from home.  I am a solo-operated handmade business. In high school I loved Fine Art drawing, jewelry making, ceramics + BW film photography. In college I also enjoyed film photography. I worked in the photo lab for my professor Cheryl. In 2011 I taught myself search engine marketing (and now here I am).

For me today: Today is about bright, vivid colors, exploring new mediums and recycling wood furniture (I like to polish up things that still have life left in them but are being tossed out as garbage).


What I do now is, I custom dye "things" from tie dyeing fabrics, feathers, canvases and even wood furniture, I find inspiration in recycling garbage materials as my supplies and then I make it better. I tend to dump color in the strangest of places. My B.A. was in Art History / Graphic Design from UNF but I am not sure why I did that for a degree.

I should be dyeing the feathers.

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