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How to apply hair feather extensions | diy feather hair extensions | how to install hair feathers from home
Feather Extension Directions -  Easy application on How To Insert and Use Hair Feathers - DIY

You should have received or already have the following items
- Feather bundle or single feathers (use a flat iron on LOW heat to straighten feathers)
- Extension Crimp Beads (arrive with most kits)
- Threader Tool (beads may be loaded on the tool for you already)

YOU WILL NEED PLIERS - There is NO need to purchase the expensive pliers salons use. Any household pair will truly do or Michaels Craft Store has in the bead isle "blue handle crimping pliers" these work well the 2.99 pair will do.

1. Part your hair about a half inch from your usual styled part. Lift newly parted hair and secure it with a clip or bobby pin. Select a small portion of your hair where you wish to put the feather extensions, not too much hair, but not too little, I recommend about 10 strands.

2. Thread the bead onto the wire if it hasn’t already been placed on the wire for you. Use your pinky or tail of a comb to pull hair through the loop in the wire. It helps if you dampen the hair or twist it if you are having a hard time putting it through the looped wire. Much like pulling your hair through a cap when getting highlights, you will hold the bead and pull the wire down until your hair is threaded through the bead. Remove the wire and place aside.

3. Slide the bead to the root of your hair. Insert your single feathers or feather bundle into the tip of the bead with bundle on top of the threaded hair. Make sure your feathers are faced down and lay flat against your head for comfort. Make sure also the tip of the feathers pokes out the other side of the bead. This will be important when you test the fit.

4. Grab your pliers (any pair will do – ask the neighbor or any male species. ;) Clamp down on the bead with plier to secure the bead in place. The bead will flatten when clamped with pliers. CAUTION: do not clamp bead at a perpendicular angle to lay on your hair it will become uncomfortable – the idea is to have your bead resting flat against your scalp. This will also ensure the feathers sit properly.

5. Gently pull feather bundle or single feather to ensure the feathers are tightly in place. If they move, re-clamp with pliers give another good push down with them. As long as the feather shaft is in the metal ring or higher it should fasten tightly when clamped properly.

6. Clip and of the feather bundle tip that is protruding from the top of the extension bead – sometimes without trimming the bundle can be annoying and poke your head. Ouch! If you can’t see the tip or fear cutting into your other hair – have someone do it for you. It’s a simple small nip with some scissors.


7. TO REMOVE – Press the bead in the opposite direction, opening the hole and gently pull the feathers out. It is very common for you to lose a few strands of hair. No big deal! No one will notice!

Note: Feather bundles may be undone and feathers may be applied individually or in groups if you prefer. If you wish to put in single feathers-simply pull softly from the top of the bundle and wiggle it out. I use professional hair glue used for human hair extensions. It is a latex type glue and easily removable. Feathers can be reused after the extension grows out. Feathers can be washed, blow-dried, combed, straightened and curled.

Feather Extension Directions

Feather Care Suggestions

Items may be compacted for shipment. When you open the clear bag be careful to not rip any feathers that may be near the edge. The feathers will un-fluff as you take them out. If you ordered a mixed lot you have received a soft bristle tooth brush. Using this will greatly smooth and fluff out your feathers, simply sweeping it side to side on the marabou (the puffy) part of the feather. To speed things up you can:

Handle your feathers gently. Avoid breaking shafts or pulling out fibers. If they became dusty as in an arrangement containing feathers dust or blows dry them regularly especially if you are displaying them. Clean with a soft damp cloth if necessary. Always remember the dollar store or dollar tree is usually around the corner everything you need is in there for $1.00 or less. You can also store feathers with mothballs. Pack them loosely, allowing the feathers to keep their natural shape. All feather fibers can be combed. Wing and tail feathers fibers that separate can be stroked back together with your fingers, to “zipper” the fibers back in place. Expand and fluff the feathers into their natural shape by steaming over tea kettle or a pan. If steaming ostrich, blow dry them into direction you wish the fibers to go. Flowers: Use very little steam. Reshape petals with your hand stroking as needed. Boas: steaming, blow drying or handing out on clothesline all work well. MANY DYED FEATHERS ARE NOT COLORFAST and may bleed onto other feathers or fabrics when wet or worn as earrings may get on your shoulders. Don’t panic it washes off skin easily. If you have difficulty dab a tiny bit of fingernail polish remover on a tissue and wipe and rinse off skin.
Always do a dye test if putting in your hair. Especially reds and deep purples may have a slight run off in running water; this is to be expected of nearly any dye! Please test for colorfast properties before combining with other materials. If the feathers have static from shipping or other means, use a dryer sheet and rub lightly to remove this static. I hope you enjoy your feathers. Again I am just a feather nerd that adores different feathers and these are just suggestions on how to keep and maintain your pretty feathers. And yes if you bought streamer earrings have fun with them curl them flat ironthem straight wash with shampoo gently. Avoid hairspray.

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