100 real rooster feathers8-11” a few longer Bulk hair feather extensions custom dyed by me several different only popular best selling fades Ombres and rainbowsThis item will take me between 3 to 5 business days from the time you order two ship out.Common questions or can I do more or can I do them longer. I’m sorry not at this time.Feathers are very scarce and hard to come by I’m making do but prices are ridiculously high and I’m sorry for it. Too much demand, not enough supply this season. These can be curled washed and styled as all rooster Hackle Feathers can. The prices for loose feathers just as you see them bundled. This lot has sold out but yours will be made very similar. It is a mix of grizzly, grizzly variant, and solid feathers. You’re going to get bright colors and pretty ombre Rainbow and Fades

100 Bulk Rainbow Fades Hair Feathers Rooster Extensions Custom Dyed Mix