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50 Thick Wide 100% Real Rooster Saddle Feathers for Hair or Crafting. 4-10"

Please allow differences from the photo as feathers are unique things. I am constantly adding new naturals to my bucket I pull from. Some are full and fluffy, some will be narrow with lizard tails. Quality real feathers always.

Bulk Rooster Feathers Natural Craft Feathers Dreamcatcher Feathers 50PCS

  • An assortment of 50 real rooster saddle feathers with fluff. These can be used for feather crafting, hair accessories, feather extension bundles, fly tying fishing and more. All Natural feathers OR dyed natural colors. Styles will include grizzly, solids and variants as well as laced feathers. 50 Feathers 4-10inches long An equal mix of lengths. These DO have fluff.

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