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This price is for "bulk/wholesale hair feathers" therefor there is NO customization in this listing please. what you will get is broken down by bundles/colors. Thank you for understanding.  
Good news is you will get an EQUAL amount of 8-14" feathers (not all short/not all long)
The feathers will vary in width and length. Not all wide not all thin.
Feathers can be curled, washed & styled. These are rooster feathers.

Bundles are with 10 feathers in each connector ring


10 Lollipop Red Solid

10 Lollipop Red Grizzly

10 Light Red Solid

10 Light Red Grizzly



10 Hot Pink Grizzly
10 Hot Pink Solid
10 Light Pink Solid
10 Light Pink Grizzly
10 Deep Magenta/Raspberry Solid
10 Deep Magenta/ Raspberry Grizzly
10 Medium Pink Solid
10 Medium Pink Grizzly




10 Bright Orange Grizzly

10 Bright Orange Solid

10 Aztec Gold Grizzly

10 Aztec Gold Solid


10 FL Yellow Solid
10 FL Yellow Solid
10 Mustard Yellow Solid
10 Mustard Yellow Grizzly
5 Light Pale Yellow Grizzly
5 Light Pale Yellow Solid


10 Bright Kelly Green Grizzly
10 Bright Kelly Green Solid
10 Emerald Green Grizzly
10 Emerald Green Solid
10 Teal Green Grizzly
10 Teal Green Solid
10 Olive Green Grizzly
10 Olive Green Solid



10 Caribbean Blue (most like turquoise) Grizzly
10 Caribbean Blue "" Solid
10 Light Turquoise Grizzly
10 Light Turquoise Solid
10 Pastel Blue Grizzly
10 Pastel Blue Solid
10 Brilliant Blue Grizzly
10 Brilliant Blue Solid
10 Dark Blue Grizzly
10 Dark Blue Solid


10 Light Pastel Purple Solid
10 Light Pastel Purple Grizzly
10 Medium Violet Solid
10 Medium Violet Grizzly
10 Bright Violet Solid
10 Bright Violet Grizzly
10 Burgundy Grizzly
10 Burgundy Solid


10 Pink-Orange-Yellow-Lime-Turquoise Grizzly
10 Pink-Orange-Yellow-Lime-Turquoise Solid
10 Pink/Purple Grizzly
10 Pink/Purple Solid
10 Lime-Turquoise-Purple Grizzly
10 Lime-Turquoise-Purple Solid
10 Teal/Turquoise/Orange Grizzly
10 Teal/Turquoise/Orange Solid
10 Caribbean Blue/Bright Pink Grizzly
10 Caribbean Blue/Bright Pink Solid


If you are outside of the USA and decide to order this product PLEASE note the FULL amount will be declared on outer packaging and if you have taxes - these will be your responsibility to pay and make arrangements for.

I only use USPS (united states post office) for mailing. The package will be insured for the amount of the order. You MUST provide a valid telephone number & email address so that I can properly enter it into the system for mailing. 

International orders can take up to 2 months to arrive so please plan accordingly. 

Long Hair Feathers Wholesale Bulk Feather Extensions Colors 500 Pack

  • QTY 500 8-12 inch real feather extensions connected to metal hooks for proper salon displays and events : All Colors Included / Dyed Real Rooster Feathers Mixed Patterns. Hair Beads are Sold Seperately

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