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Super skinny micro Barb rooster hackle feathers. Dyed and natural feathers super similar to the photo - Just different rainbows really. These are THIN feathers and not the usual ones I sell for hair (they are thinner than hair feathers salons use)


No beads or tools - just what is pictured / loose feathers (although connected to silicone bead and hook ends, this is just for display purposes and tiers to keep them organized. To use the feathers loose simply snag it out or snip it out).

Please understand what you are buying in advance. These being VERY THIN - this item is made custom to order so please allow 3 days to make it before it ships out.




Qty 100+ as always anything past 100 isn't counted. Range is  8-13”

Bulk Feather Extensions Microbarb Skinny Hair Feathers 100+ in bundle

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