Quantity 60 Length 10inch, 11inch, 12inch, 13inch, 14inch, maybe even a couple 15"
Real Feather Hair Extensions Wholesale Price XL

Extra-Long Real Feather Hair Extensions Wholesale 60

Hair Bead Color
  • This is 60 extra long wholesale feather extensions for hair offer. These are 10-14inches I am not accepting larger quantity offers or bulk offers on these lengths. There are over 30 dyed colored feathers and the rest are a natural mix. All are perfectly usable - washable - stylable - and gorgeous. These are cherry picked and top quality. Price is FIRM. These lengths are hard to find so I do not offer wholesale bulk below the price here on these feather hair extensions. Comes with 15 silicone lined micro link beads for crimping and 1 blue floss threader. September brought me new beautiful top quality real rooster feathers - I am now able to offer this item a few more times. Love you all for supporting for my shop.

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