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50 XL long real rooster feathers / hair extensions. All colors included and feathers will be put on a custom salon keychain for display purposes. 10-14"

XL Long Colors Feather Hair Extensions Keychain

  • Quantity 50 10-14inches long Super long no fluff salon feathers at wholesale prices. You get 50 dyed (no naturals) real rooster feathers in a wide range of colors including: hot pink, regular pink, orange, red, yellow, lime green, olive green, turquoise, blue, violet, purple and rainbow. I will hand select these pretty feathers and use my ruler. You will get 50 XL Dyed Colored Feather Hair Extensions on a cool key-chain ring. I am proud to say I was the first to start putting feather extensions on a salon manageable feather swatch keychain ring. Others may copy but hey - that's business! ALL Feathers will be 10-14inches in length. You also get 10 silicone hair extension beads and 1 floss looping tool.
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