one bonded extension (one bond on 6 - 7 feathers) so that is 7 thin feathers (glued at top) = one single extension (there are 20 or so in the default pic) Please note this - you do not receive the entire pile :)

The natural bonded extensions are 14-16" inches long
the aqua blue, bright blue & violet extension is 14-15" long.
There is 6-7 feathers in each. Usually 6 on the colors 7 on the naturals (same price)


as of right now these are the only colors I have finished up and hopefully will get to more colors in the near future.

Each bonded extension is a DIY Kit - so it comes with 3 single 5mm microlink hair beads (the kind with silicone) and a blue floss threader. These are complimentary items and asking for no beads will not lower the cost (sorry for it).


XXL hair feather extensions bonded rooster feathers 14"-17" aqua blue natural

Which bonded extension?

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