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Mixed craft feathers for jewelry makers, fly tying, dreamcatchers, costumes and more - Decorative hand dyed 100% real feathers Rooster & hen feathers can be used for crafts and other projects. You can embellish bags, party supplies and even use in scrapbooking.

Long Feather Extensions Hair Feathers Wholesale Real Craft Feathers Decorative  Dyed &  Natural Rooster, Hen & other Beautiful Bird Feathers for Crafts, Handmade Bohemian Earrings, Long Feather Earrings, Feather Jewelry, Feather Hair Clips, DIY Kits & more

I am a one person handmade shop that sells affordable Salon Feathers for Hair, Crafts, and even fishing.  I love dying feathers and making pretty feather accessories handmade feather earrings and boho style jewelry with feather adornments. I have always loved feathers. In 2011 the hair feather trend was booming and most of us couldn't afford to pay a salon $40 bucks for a feather in our hair. I then opened FeathersWholesale on Etsy and started creating one of a kind Feather Extension Kits so girls could put feathers in their hair from the convenience of home. Also allowing stylists to save money buying their supplies from me.


A little about my feathers - These are 100 real rooster feathers, hen feathers and pheasant feathers used to make women's hair accessories and crafts. The feathers come from American USA farms only. I do not buy International plumes. I dye my own feathers. I don't sell junk or snap on feathers or chewed up looking nasty hackle feathers: I love to hand dye decorative feathers and am a solo maker shop - I do not outsource or use factories in my production. These are REAL feathers that come from REAL birds.
xoxo Solkat. 

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