Mixed craft feathers for jewelry makers, fly tying, dreamcatchers, costumes and more - Decorative hand dyed 100% real feathers Rooster & hen feathers can be used for crafts and other projects. You can embellish bags, party supplies and even use in scrapbooking.

It's February 2020 and my website is bonkers so I am revamping. If you need specific old products and cannot find them as I am updating my inventory, just drop me an email: solkat@aol.com

Long Feather Extensions Hair Feathers Wholesale Real Craft Feathers Decorative  Dyed &  Natural Rooster, Hen & other Beautiful Bird Feathers for Crafts, Handmade Bohemian Earrings, Long Feather Earrings, Feather Jewelry, Feather Hair Clips, DIY Kits & more

I am a one person handmade shop that sells affordable Salon Feathers for Hair, Crafts, and even fishing.  I love dying feathers and making pretty feather accessories handmade feather earrings and boho style jewelry with feather adornments. I have always loved feathers. In 2011 the hair feather trend was booming and most of us couldn't afford to pay a salon $40 bucks for a feather in our hair. I then opened FeathersWholesale on Etsy and started creating one of a kind Feather Extension Kits so girls could put feathers in their hair from the convenience of home. Also allowing stylists to save money buying their supplies from me.


A little about my feathers - These are 100 real rooster feathers, hen feathers and pheasant feathers used to make women's hair accessories and crafts. The feathers come from American USA farms only. I do not buy International plumes. I dye my own feathers. I don't sell junk or snap on feathers or chewed up looking nasty hackle feathers: I love to hand dye decorative feathers and am a solo maker shop - I do not outsource or use factories in my production. These are REAL feathers that come from REAL birds.
xoxo Solkat. 

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