XXL Hair Feathers | 14-18" inch
Feather Hair Extensions - Super Long Hair Feathers
Extra Long Hair Feathers | 11-14" inch
Extra Long Hair Feather Extensions
Long Hair Feathers | 8-11" inch
Long Hair Feather Extensions | Standard Lengths
Long Fluffy Rooster Craft Feathers
Yellow pink and purple fluffy long craft rooster saddle feathers
Wide Hair Feathers
Wider than average hair feather extensions
Bonded Extensions | Pre-Tipped Hair Feathers
Bonded Feather Extension Kit with Beads
Craft Feathers
Beautiful hand dyed real ombre rainbow & single colored craft feathers
Handmade Jewelry
Jewellery Hand crafted by myself Kelly
Ice Dyed Clothing
Ice Dyed Clothing, Tapestries, Tie Dyed Goods
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