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200 Pack of 8-14 inch or longer real rooster feathers (Please view Details to see what is included in this pack) Natural; Dyed Feathers No Fluff - Mixed Patterns (Solids and Grizzlies) The bulk price is not available for you to customize products and colors.

50 Rainbow 50 Solid Color 50 Natural Grizzly 50 Natural Hair Feathers & Beads

  • 50 Rainbow & Ombre Feather Hair Extensions (The best selling and most popular 3, 4 & 5 color dyed rooster feathers)
    50 Solid Colored Feather Hair Extensions (like red, orange, yellow, lime green, emerald green, aqua, turquoise blue, sapphire blue, light purple, vivid purple, hot pinks)
    50 Natural Black & White Grizzly
    50 Mixed Natural Colors (Including brown grizzly, creme, speckled, badger, coachman brown, ginger, dyed jet black, grey)

    These feathers are put onto display ring hooks that I handmake - It keeps the feathers going all the right way and prevents them from blowing off vendor stands.

    100 Mixed Silicone 5MM Hair Extension Beads
    50 Mixed 4MM Threaded Screw Non Silicone Beads
    2 Floss Hair Threaders
    1 Plastic Hair Beader


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