PRICE IS GOOD UNTIL MARCH 2021 - Then it increases for the season (our manufacture has cut back on supplying these types of feathers in 2021 so don't risk missing out on summer inventory)

100 Real Hair Feathers Chosen from the above selections that include all ombre rainbow dyed REAL rooster feathers with grizzly, grizzly variant, speckled, and solid rooster feathers that can be curled washed and styled. The colors are hot pink, bright pink, bright purple, watermelon lime pink, extreme blue, turquoise blue and yellows. Most feathers are 11-13" some 10" some 14"

I connect these to handmade metal hooks like you see them being displayed. This is great for hair stylists and those on-the-go to display them to clients easily - feathers won't fly away - You just tug the feather you want out of the crimp bead.



Extra Long Hair Feathers Wholesale Popular Colors Real Feather Extensions 100PC


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