200 plus 8-12inch or longer Salon Quality Real Feather Extensions Wholesale Bulk Price - Colors AND Naturals

Wholesale Feather Extensions Bulk Kit DIY QTY200

  • Wholesale Feather Extensions Bulk Kit DIY Quantity 200 Length 8-12 inch or longer Mixed grizzly, solids, speckled, variants & badgers, 200 gorgeous salon quality wholesale priced bulk feather hair extension kit ALL Colors AND NATURALS roughly 75 percent color 25 percent are naturals : hot pink, baby pink, bright orange, sun yellow, lime green, chartreuse, emerald green, sky blue, bright blue, turquoise, aqua, violet, purple, lilac, rainbow, ombre & dip dyed. I hand dye all my own feathers. These will come connected to a keychain ring - simply tug a feather out and apply. Makes presenting feather extensions to your clients easier no more messes displaying them in containers. Also will include 50 silicone 5mm hair crimp beads, 2 floss threaders, 50 4mm screw beads, and a black plastic hair beader. Price is firm. Thanks so much :) These are real rooster feathers that can be curled washed and styled.